3 Reasons to Use Bluestone Tiles Around Your Pool

When you choose tiles or pavers to put around your pool, you have to choose a material that can cope with this environment. Bluestone tiles are a good option here. Why?

1. Get Enhanced Safety

One of the key factors that influence your choice of paving around a pool is safety. The tiles you place here will get wet, either from splashes or from wet feet walking on them. You need a surface that can cope with water without turning into a slippery ice rink for anyone walking or running around this part of your garden.

Some tiles and pavers aren't up to this job. Water pools on them; it makes their surface slippery and unsafe to walk on.

Bluestone tiles don't have this problem. Their natural porous nature helps them deal with splashes and spills so you won't notice much pooling at all.

Plus, bluestone has natural gritty traction. It is a comfortable stone to walk on in bare feet, but it has a built-in grip. Even if you seal it, which you should, it provides a much safer environment around a pool.

2. Get Tiles That Last

Tiles around a pool have to put up with potentially damaging environments. They have to deal with your local weather conditions for a start.

So, they may sit in the sun a lot in summer and get rained on or even freeze a lot in other seasons. They also have to cope with regular exposure to pool water and any chemicals you use in it.

Plus, if you have kids, then your tiles may take a beating sometimes. Your kids may drop things on the pavers or bash them with balls and pool toys.

Some materials don't cope well in these varied environments. They may not weather well, and water exposure may degrade their surfaces. They may crack under pressure.

Bluestone is a dense stone, which makes it more robust. The weather and your pool water won't affect the way it looks or its structural integrity. It copes with just about anything your kids might throw at it.

3. Get More Design Options

Some stones work well around pools but may not give you the design features you're looking for. They may come in uniform colours and sizes that don't quite float your boat.

Chances are, you'll find a bluestone solution that works better for you. These tiles come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. So, you should be able to find a design that suits you more easily.

For more information about bluestone tiles and the benefits of putting them around your pool, talk to local paving contractors.