Benefits of a Natural Stone Paver Patio

A patio increases outdoor living areas and makes a property more attractive to potential buyers if you're selling. So, a paving upgrade will create an enjoyable place to relax while working as an investment. If you install a material such as natural stone, your terrace will last for decades, so long as you seal the flooring regularly as recommended. For further benefits of using natural stone pavers on your patio, read on.

Handles Diverse Weather Conditions

Natural stone pavers handle various weather conditions. They sit on a crushed stone and sand base that drains rainwater. Thus, the surface won't develop dangerous slippery puddles that degrade the rock. These pavers are also ideal for hot days. Some rock species, such as travertine, stay cool to touch even after hours of sunshine, so you can comfortably walk with bare feet. Conversely, other materials like concrete absorb solar radiation. Additionally, interlocking pavers endure minor earthquakes and tremors better than continuous concrete slabs, which tend to crack in response. Because pavers can shift to accommodate ground movements, individual units don't need to break.

Convenient Installation

Some surfaces, such as poured concrete, require a long curing period, during which time you can't use the patio freely. Conversely, once pavers are laid across the ground like a jigsaw puzzle, you can walk on the paving almost immediately. So, your deck won't be out of operation for an extended time.


Interlocking pavers piece together without hard grouting that imprisons them in place. So you can pull pavers out whenever the need arises. For example, one piece may become damaged, and you can lift it out and set a new paver in place. You can also access underground pipes or cables without having to smash the paving, as you would with poured concrete. Contractors can re-establish the subbase and pavers afterwards. This movability even helps with remodelling, as you can re-arrange the same pavers for a new layout. You don't have to purchase new material.

Aesthetic Options

Pavers use various rock species, including travertine, slate and limestone, offering plenty of choice. Plus, you'll have a massive range of earthy colours to pick from, such as blue, green, purple, pink, peach and sand. Select from diverse shapes that you can blend to form your preferred pattern. For example, create a square grid, a circular design, or a herringbone configuration. Because you can customise the pavement size, shape and colour, you have the freedom to create a unique design.