How to tell whether your driveway needs to be repaired or replaced

A driveway; that long, hard surface extending from your house to the street plays two critical roles; to provide a path for your vehicle and people, and to add aesthetic value to your home. However, no matter how perfect a job the contractor who installed it for you did, your driveway is bound to be prone to wear and tear. The common culprits that indicate you need to repair your driveway are potholes, which are mainly caused by poor drainage of the surface. When you notice potholes on your driveway, it is imperative that you either repair or replace your driveway depending on the circumstances. Failure to take prompt action may cost you a fortune. Below are a few tips on how to determine whether to repair or replace your driveway.

The extent of the damage

You need to assess the damage to your driveway to ensure that you make the right decision. In some instances, repair may not even be an option because a driveway with potholes practically everywhere will call for a replacement rather than repair. Similarly, if your driveway has one or two potholes, then contracting the services of a repairing company will be the better option.

The age of the driveway

Different driveways will have different life expectancy periods. For instance, a well-installed asphalt driveway should last about 20 years whereas a well-done concrete driveway should last for about 25 years. If your driveway has exceeded or is about to reach the estimated age, it would be better to replace your driveway than to repair it. Attempting to patch potholes on an old driveway will end up costing you a lot of money.

How often you repair your driveway

If you live in cold areas prone to freezing and thawing, your driveway will need to be repaired frequently compared to driveways in hotter, drier areas. Notably, if you live in the hotter drier areas and yet you find yourself repairing your driveway too often, you should prefer replacement over repair. This is because such a driveway was not properly done. Ensure you hire a more competent paving contractor to get a better job done.

Repairing a driveway is the often-preferred approach because it is pocket-friendly compared to installing a new driveway. However, when you consider how much it will cost you to do a single replacement to what it will cost you to do several repairs, you will realize that repairing a worn out driveway is more expensive.

For more information, contact your local driveway repairs service.